In today's digital environment of emails and text messages, our brains are overloaded with notifications, and addicted to little hits of dopamine as we scroll through social media. 

When I learned that handwriting has the same effect as meditation, I couldn’t wait to put down my phone and pick up a pen - and I hope you will, too. 

Sending handwritten notes and invitations really shows you care. Whether you’re getting married, want to impress your boss, use this skill for bullet-journaling, or to write letters to your friends and family, this online class will help you collect your thoughts, and learn how to write beautifully and with intention.

What we'll cover:

  • Brief history of Copperplate, its tools, and characteristics
  • Setting up your practice for success
  • Basic letterforms and component strokes
  • Lowercase and uppercase alphabet
  • Numbers and punctuation
  • Critiquing your own work & Troubleshooting

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