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Hello, welcome to my website, and thanks for scrolling all the way down!

Whether you’re new to lettering and calligraphy, or want to make more time for handwriting, and you’ve got questions, or you’d like to go from “newbie” to expert fast - you’re in the right place. 

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A little more about me: born and raised in Germany, I have lived and worked in Scotland, England, Spain, the Canary Islands, Mexico, and Texas, before moving to New York City. I'm a Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner (ENFJ), and I have changed careers from Leadership Development and Executive Coaching to Lettering and Calligraphy since 2015. I feel strongly about the benefits of handwriting and finding a better balance between online and offline living, and I'm excited to share that with you on my blog and hosting monthly events.  

So for now, just pick up a pen, and happy writing!

Photo by Tory Williams